Friday, August 27, 2010

Verizon vs. AT&T

We've gotten some heat over the past few days for taking cracks at the iPhone and attributing it's shortcomings to AT&T's notoriously shitty coverage. To show that we are not just pulling opinions and facts out of our asses (as some iPhone users seem to do by saying their phone is the best), we have some survey data to backup our posts and show the evidence.

Reason 1 - Dropped Calls

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In 2010, Changewave research collected these data which highlighted the vast difference in percentage of users who had a dropped call over a 90-day period. AT&T's dropped call rate was significantly higher.

Reason 2 - Customer Satisfaction

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The same research company went on to poll customer satisfaction across the leading carriers in the mobile phone industry, and it came as no shock that AT&T ranked at the bottom.

Reason 3 - Steve Jobs

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This is less of a fact, and more of a blatantly apparent conclusion; Steve Jobs is not the best CEO. I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable using a device where when I tell the CEO it doesn't work when held a certain way, he just tells me, "So don't hold it that way." But it takes a true man to admit his mistake, so when Jobs realized his response to the community wasn't quite up to par, he offered free cases as compensation. I guess a pouch of leather valued at around $9 dollars really makes up for a crappy provider.

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