Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How to Unlock the Secret Programming Menu on the Motorola Droid! Improve Call Quality!

So this is a pretty awesome and helpful post we have for you to start the day off. If you've ever been on a call and found yourself saying, "What? Huh? I can't hear you!" more than talking about the actual conversation you were having, then this is the post for you. By going into your Droid's programming menu you can improve the call quality of your Droid with nothing more than a few simple button presses and a power reset. All ya gotta do is follow the simple steps listed below and you'll be saying "hi" instead of "huh" in no time.


  1. Am I the only that this does NOT work for? I dial it and hit the green phone button and it dials out, connects, and plays the "your a dummy and try redialing" error message.

  2. and you are using the motorola droid?

    1. Yes droid 1 this dose not work

  3. LOL. The password is 000000. Same as the password on my luggage. All the good passwords keep getting taken.