Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How to Use Your Droid as a Webcam

To begin
-Go to www.placaware.com and follow the first few steps there.
-Click on Start, then right click "Computer" and click "Manage"
-In computer management click on "Device manager" on the left
-Make sure your phone is plugged into your computer
-Click Android Device and see if it says "Android COMPOSITE ADB Interface"
-Right click the driver you have and click "update driver"
-Choose the bottom option, browse for drivers then click choose from a list
-If you have more than one driver click the COMPOSITE one
-Click the driver then click next to update
-When it finishes, close the update box and either do or don't restart your computer, its up to you.

After Driver is Installed
-Open task manager (ctrl+alt+delete)
-End "adb.exe" process
-Open USB Webcam on your computer (from placaware.com)
-Wait for config window to open and make sure that it says everything was working and ready
*If there is an error retrace the steps above*
-Open the program you intend to use your webcam with and choose your webcam
-If screen is green then you are ready to open USB Webcam on your phone
-Phone screen should show that it is initializing and will shortly display video.

Enjoy your new webcam


  1. Do you know where I can get a direct .apk download? the site doesn't have it

  2. no funciona en mi motorola milestone

  3. i got the video to work, but does this not use the phones microphone? (droid)

  4. It is only for video, you would need to have a separate microphone

  5. For this guide... I am eternally grateful

  6. Much simplified instructions (at least for LG Ally on Win XP Pro SP3):

    1) On your phone, install USB Webcam from Android Market.

    2) Turn on USB debugging (Settings->Application->Development->USB Debugging).

    3) On your PC, find and install LGAndroidDriver for your carrier at:

    4) Download and Install the PC Host application below for Windows, by running the setup program.


    5) Plug your phone in via USB, and on your PC run the start menu program “USB Webcam”.

    6) Start USB Webcam on your phone.

    7) Start Skype, for example. You should have a new webcam to choose in the settings pages. While the phone app is running, you should see a video feed. While the phone app is closed, a pink screen should show.

    Worked first time for me! Thanks!

  7. worked great on hd2 froyd, other end said video quality was great, couldnt tell i was using my phone. Thanx for a great solution for trips or hotel stays.

  8. The trick is to make sure that ADB is *NOT* running before you start the process. And once you stop the app on the phone, or if the phone gets disconnected, you have to close EVERYTHING and start all over.

  9. Hey guys, Can you post directions on how to use droid 2 global as webcam for macs?