Monday, July 26, 2010

Adding and Removing Widgets and Icons

Video Notes:

To Add Widgets

-Go to a blank area of the screen

-Tap and hold until phone vibrates

-Select what widget you want to use

-Change options to suit your needs

Remove Widgets

-Tap and hold finger over widget until phone vibrates

-Drag widget to trash icon until it turns red

-Let go of screen

Add Icons

-Open icon tray (slide arrow up on default 2.1 firmware)

-Select your icon

-Tap and hold until icon tray disappears

-Release Icon anywhere on screen

Remove Icon

-Same as removing widgets

-Tap and hold icon

-Drag to trash can at bottom



*To drag icon or widget to a different home screen simply hold the widget or icon and move it towards the side of the home screen you would like to place it on

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