Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How To Customize Your Droid's Unlock Screen

To Begin
-Download lockbot pro or free
-Open lockbot
-Click Theme Gallery
-Choose your unlock style
-Browse the gallery for an unlock screen you like
*If you can't find one you like look in the galaxy section for a larger selection*
-Tap the lock screen that you want and it should download

To Choose Your Lock Screen
-Go to My Themes and make sure your theme is there
-If it isn't, download it again
-Hit the menu key and select playlist
-Check the one you want to use
*you can select more than one as well as times/dates you want to use them. If you don't choose a certain time/date it will cycle your lock screen randomly
-Exit lock bot and lock your phone
-When you unlock it you should now have your new unlock screen


  1. I did something wrong and now when I go to exit out of this or return to my homescreen it wont exit lockbot and I cant get to my normal homescreen no matter what i do!!

  2. to fix this hold down your "home" button until your phone vibrates and then select "disable" on the screen that pops up, that should fix the problem