Friday, December 24, 2010

We're Back! Sort Of...

So a couple of weeks ago I posted that around the 18th 2guys1droid would be up and running at full tilt again. Well clearly that isn't the case and unfortunately it has nothing to do with either Marty or Myself. The online service that we use to make our handy video tutorials ( we wont mention any names) is currently down with nothing but a "recording is unavailable" message. While for the past few days this has obviously deterred us from putting up any new material I am going to go against the internet God's will and supply you with a less conventional text based app review.

The first app in our (hopefully short) series of written out reviews is on an interesting application that I came upon by chance a few days ago. The application is called IP Webcam and is exactly what it sounds like.

When you open the application you will see a screen similar to the one below.

On this screen you can see that there are various options such as adding a login name and password so only certain people can view the feed as well as options regarding the video quality. For people on the original Motorola Droid, the dimensions of the video are locked. The quality slider is adjustable, however in my experience doesn't really change anything. This isn't to say that quality is bad, since it isn't, but it just doesn't noticeably change. The frames per second was also locked for me, however, this too didn't really seem to have any effect on the video that was being broadcast as the video was much choppier than 30fps when viewed on the webpage. The port I didn't mess with and left where it was at 8080. If you scroll down there are some other self explanatory options as well as the button to start the streaming.

When you click the button to start the server it will tell you the ip that it is streaming to so you can access it.

You then must go into your web browser such as mozilla firefox or google chrome for example and enter the ip you are provided in the app. Upon doing this you should either be prompted with a login dialog or a list of links. If you are directed to a login then enter the credentials you set up otherwise click the link for your desired method of viewing. That is really all there is too it, a very simple yet interesting app to have. Some of the recommended uses would be as a form of surveillance however, I, like most of you, bring my phone with me when I go out so this seems like a moot point. I just keep it around as another one of those "look what my phone can do" applications.

If you want the app you can get it by scanning this with the app "barcode scanner"

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