Friday, December 24, 2010

Second Installment of the Text Review--Tango

So, the site is still down and as such we have for you the second installment of the written review.

Today's review, in the spirit of the Holidays, is on an application that can help bring people closer together despite the greatest of distances. This App is called Tango, and like last night's app review it makes use of your phone's camera.

Unlike last night's review however, Tango works similar to the way FaceTime (or "video chatting" as we mortals call it) does on the iphone 4. Unlike the iphone, however, Tango reaches a broad spectrum of users as it is available to both iphone and android users, is available on wifi, 3g, or 4g, and lastly and perhaps most significantly, doesnt require a front facing camera.Thats right, now you can show your loved ones across the country your babies first Christmas, or you can send your friend a video showing that you really did beat his high score all from the comfort of your own home using nothing more than your android or apple based mobile phone.

To see a list of phones that Tango is available for check out this link and be sure to check the drop down menu on the right to select your phone's manufacturer.

Once again, to download this application directly to your phone scan the box below with the "Barcode Scanner" application


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